SAVOX SC1251MG 9kg/0.09sec

SAVOX SC1251MG 9kg/0.09sec
SAVOX SC1251MG 9kg/0.09sec SAVOX SC1251MG 9kg/0.09sec
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Whoever said that size doesn't matter was right! When talking about the SC1251MG we think about the saying "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of fight in the dog." Combining full metal gears and amazing speed, the low-profile dimensions of this servo makes it perfect for any vehicle that is cramped for space or those looking to save additional weight. 

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  • Super high 4096 resolution and metal gears.
  • Super light-weight.
  • Coreless Motor provides high speed, incredible efficiency, and low power consumption than comparable servos.
  • The aluminum case design not only looks good but also helps operation to remain cool and smooth.
  • Our servos are totally green – from materials to production, these servos are environmentally friendly.
  • Ideal as a steering servo for 1/10 surface applications and in gliders and airplanes that have thin wing profiles.

Dimensions(mm):  40.8X20.2X25.4
Weight(g):  44.5
Speed(@4.8V sec/60):  .10
Torque(@4.8V kg-cm):  7.0
Speed(@6.0V sec/60):  .09
Torque(@6.0V kg-cm):  9.0
Gear:  Metal
Bearing:  2BB
Case:  Aluminum
25 Tooth Spline



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